XuanwuLab Security Daily News Push – 2018-11-01


Tencent Xuanwu Lab Security Daily News

SecWiki News 2018-10-31 Review

Druid 与知乎数据分析平台 by ourren

基础攻防场景下的AI对抗样本初探 by ourren

phdays-8-etherhack-contest-writeup by tolive

towards an open ,shareable,contributor-friendly model of speeding infosec learni by tolive

记一次省赛awd题目 by yinhongji

sqlmap 检测剖析 by ourren

Bro:利用ELK分析Bro日志 by Blood_Zer0

SQL注入的两个小Trick与总结 by rest

CVE-2018-8453漏洞分析利用 by rest

威胁情报的上下文、标示及能够执行的建议 by ourren

家居智能化背后,安全隐患顾虑只是顾虑吗? by 几维安全

Bro:网络安全监控 by Blood_Zer0

Mini_httpd组件漏洞影响257万IOT设备(CVE-2018-18778) by qcwdmsn

DedeCMS V57 SQL注入 by ourren

GPlayed's younger brother is a banker — and it's after Russian banks by tolive


XuanwuLab Security Daily News Push – 2018-10-31


Tencent Xuanwu Lab Security Daily News

SecWiki News 2018-10-30 Review

IAST-交互式应用安全测试简述 by ourren

中通分布式被动安全扫描实践 by ourren

我看到的数据安全 by ourren

kafka原理及Docker环境部署 by ourren

SECCON 2018 - Web Ghostkingdom 题解 by ourren

2018web安全测试秋季预选赛Writeup by ourren

从群体电脑蓝屏到反黑幕后黑手 by ourren

如何使用Windows Library文件进行持久化 by ourren

Phishing credentials via Basic Authentication(phishery)利用测试 by ourren

Unicode等价性浅谈 by ourren

CobaltStrike3.12 破解 by ourren

Windows-Secure-Host-Baseline: Windows 主机安全基线 by ourren

Emailscanner: 针对邮件协议POP3、SMTP、IMAP进行账户安全性测试 by ourren

PHP代码审计实战思路浅析 by ourren

机器学习与威胁情报的融合:一种基于AI检测恶意域名的方法 by ourren

利用Excel 4.0宏躲避杀软检测的攻击技术分析 by ourren

基于Apache Pulsar打造企业级事件中心 by ourren

TiDB at 丰巢:尝鲜分布式数据库 by ourren

威胁情报的层次分析 by ourren

百万IP,千万暴利:追溯黑产最上游的掘金之地 by ourren

浅谈BeyondCorp(一)-受管设备与分层访问 by ourren

GitHub关键字扫描开源工具推荐 by ourren