SecWiki News 2019-03-13 Review

红蓝对抗-大型互联网企业安全蓝军建设 by tolive

clustering-and-associating-attacker-activity-at-scale by tolive

some-crypto-challenges-author-writeup-from-bsidessf-ctf by tolive

orangeworm-group-kwampirs-analysis-update by tolive

windows-object-case-sensitivity by tolive

堡垒机的自动化功能实践-4 by aerfa

堡垒机的自动化功能实践-3 by aerfa

堡垒机的自动化功能实践-2 by aerfa

堡垒机的自动化功能实践-1 by aerfa

劫持 Chrome 会话以绕过多因素认证 by mimblewimble

如何利用汽车警报器去攻击300多万辆汽车 by BaCde

利用WebSocket跨站劫持(CSWH)漏洞接管帐户 by BaCde


SecWiki News 2019-03-12 Review

董祎铖:态势感知从入坑到重生 by ourren

验证码安全 by Blood_Zer0

Kubernetes安全入门 by re4lity

Attack Spring Boot Actuator via jolokia Part 1 by re4lity

Metinfo利用sql注入快速getshell by BaCde

Escalating SSRF to RCE by re4lity

Ramblings about MITRE ATT&CK, CarbonBlack Response, and Powershell by re4lity

XSS in Limited Input Formats by re4lity

CarHackingTools: Install and Configure Common Car Hacking Tools. by re4lity

Sysmon configuration and scripts by re4lity

Writing a Password Protected Reverse Shell (Linux/x64) by re4lity

StackStorm - From Originull to RCE - CVE-2019-9580 by re4lity

Android逆向之旅—最右App的签名算法解析(ARM指令学习喜欢篇) by re4lity

Inserting arbitrary files into Google Earth Projects Archives by re4lity

Stepper: A natural evolution of Burp Suite's Repeater tool by re4lity

NAVEX->Precise and Scalable Exploit Generation for Dynamic Web Applications by re4lity

.NET高级代码审计(第二课) Json.Net反序列化漏洞 by re4lity

软件供应链安全威胁:从“奥创纪元”到“无限战争” by re4lity


SecWiki News 2019-03-11 Review

SecWiki周刊(第262期) by 504

绕过 WAF 的 XSS 检测机制研究 by mimblewimble

API 渗透测试基础介绍 by mimblewimble

优秀 Windows 内核漏洞利用方向资源收集 by mimblewimble

Apache Solr RCE POC(CVE-2019-0192) by mimblewimble

如何进行对 Xiaomi MiBand 2 的攻击 by mimblewimble

通过 libFuzzer 对 Janus 进行 fuzzing by mimblewimble

Goscan:一款功能强大的交互式网络扫描工具 by hx


SecWiki News 2019-03-08 Review

dvantech WebAccess 访问控制权限配置不严导致的本地提权漏洞披露 by mimblewimble

Linux 内核漏洞利用开发实验项目 by mimblewimble

•结合图论进行入侵检测 by mimblewimble

LEMNA:针对安全应用的深度学习黑盒解释模型 by ourren

软件供应链安全威胁:从“奥创纪元”到“无限战争” by ourren

威胁建模模型ATT&CK by ourren

机器学习算法分析引擎助力安全威胁推理分析 by ourren

采用NLP机器学习来进行自动化合规风险治理 by ourren

一个威胁数万用户GPON家用路由器 的RCE by ourren

PHP7和PHP5在安全上的区别 by ourren

代码审计实战思路之浅析PHPCMS by ourren

分析用Golang编写的新恶意软件 by ourren

从零编写一个自己的蜜罐系统 by ourren

以太坊链审计报告之Clef审计报告 by ourren

绿盟科技 2018物联网安全年报 by ourren

JsDbg: Debugging extensions for Microsoft Edge and Chromium-based browsers by re4lity

New SLUB Backdoor Uses GitHub, Communicates via Slack by re4lity

SectorD02 PowerShell Backdoor Analysis by re4lity

Facebook Messenger server random memory exposure through corrupted GIF image by re4lity

Online Courses – Ghidra by re4lity

kubernetes集群渗透测试 by re4lity


SecWiki News 2019-03-07 Review

电子取证最全清单 by ourren

账户逻辑漏洞 by Blood_Zer0

SMoTherSpectre PoC by mimblewimble

从 Trezor 硬件加密钱包中提取钱包恢复种子的研究 by mimblewimble

Setting up Frida Without Jailbreak on the Latest iOS 12.1.4 Device by re4lity

3 XSS in ProtonMail for iOS – Vladimir Metnew – Medium by re4lity

stevenaldinger/decker: Declarative penetration testing orchestration framework by re4lity

Great Scott! Timing Attack Demo for the Everyday Webdev by re4lity

Quick Analysis of a Trickbot Sample with NSA's Ghidra SRE Framework by re4lity

信息泄漏 by Blood_Zer0

技术层面看RSA的创新沙盒 by ourren


SecWiki News 2019-03-06 Review

Abusing Web Browsers for Persistent and Stealthy Computation by ourren

AI繁荣下的隐忧—Google Tensorflow安全风险剖析 by ourren

美国国安局逆向工程框架——Ghidra的简单使用 by giantbranch

Facebook Information Leak by re4lity

GoBrut: A new GoLang Botnet by re4lity

MacOS Malware Pedia by re4lity

.NET高级代码审计(第一课)XmlSerializer反序列化漏洞 by re4lity

Detecting Powershell Empire shenanigans with Sysinternals by re4lity

SVG XLink SSRF fingerprinting libraries version – Arbaz Hussain – Medium by re4lity

$100,000/year if you can solve this reverse engineering test by re4lity

femida: Automated blind-xss search for Burp Suite by re4lity

using-docker-kubernetes-for-automating-appsec-and-osint-workflows by re4lity

k8s-security-dashboard: A security monitoring solution for Kubernetes by re4lity

houjingyi233/CPU-vulnerabiility-collections by re4lity

Hijacking a Customer Account with a Crafted Image by re4lity

Automate discovering and dropping payloads on LAN Raspberry Pi's via ssh by re4lity

SirepRAT: Remote Command Execution as SYSTEM on Windows IoT Core by re4lity

CVE-2018-8639-exp by re4lity

Auditing GitHub Repo Wikis for Fun and Profit by re4lity

Finding and exploiting CVE-2018–7445 by re4lity

Detecting Malicious Behavior by Unmasking WebSockets by re4lity

Don't worry about being locked with Loccess by re4lity

Host Header Poisoning in IBM Websphere by re4lity

Universal RCE with Ruby YAML.load by re4lity

美国政略统筹下的网军军事战略 by ourren

红队后渗透测试中的文件传输技巧 by ourren

Automation in Exploit Generation with Exploit Templates by ourren


SecWiki News 2019-03-05 Review

Cookies 安全白皮书 by mimblewimble

apt40-examining-a-china-nexus-espionage-actor by tolive

Data-Knowledge-Action: 企业安全数据分析入门 by ourren

使用贝叶斯网络来识别0day攻击路径 by ourren

渗透之权限维持杂谈 by ourren

从php内核角度分析php弱类型 by ourren

从补丁 DIFF 到 EXP:CVE-2019-0623 漏洞分析与利用 by ourren

2018 BOTNET趋势报告 by ourren

Web漏洞分析之——顺瓜摸藤 by ourren

CTF顶级工具与资源 by ourren

探索CobaltStrike的External C2框架 by ourren

Cobalt Strike 证书修改 by ourren

jsproxy: 一个基于浏览器端 JS 实现的在线代理 by ourren

极验2018交互安全行业研究报告 by ourren

Ubuntu Linux中的特权提升漏洞Dirty Sock分析(含PoC) by ourren

步步为营之游走于内网 by ourren


SecWiki News 2019-03-04 Review

SecWiki周刊(第261期) by 504

Part 1: Introduction to Exploit Development by ourren

WordPress <= 5.0 (CVE-2019-8942 & CVE-2019-8943) 远程代码执行漏洞 Exploit by mimblewimble

Linux SNMP NAT 模块越界内存读写漏洞(CVE-2019-9162) by mimblewimble

Windows 漏洞利用辅助工具 by mimblewimble

绕过 JS Sandbox 限制 by mimblewimble

Python 开发的 metasploit payload 免杀工具 by mimblewimble

FOFA爬虫大法——API的简单利用 by BaCde