SecWiki News 2019-08-14 Review

Fortigate SSL VPN任意文件读取(可直接登录VPN) by BaCde

CVE-2018-4259: MacOS NFS vulnerabilties lead to kernel RCE by re4lity

Microsoft Vulnerability Severity Classification for Windows by re4lity

Comodo Antivirus - Sandbox Race Condition Use-After-Free (CVE-2019-14694) by re4lity

butthax: lovense hush buttplug exploit chain by re4lity

fuzzowski: the Network Protocol Fuzzer that we will want to use. by re4lity

goop: Google Search Scraper by re4lity

The state of advanced code injections by re4lity

Generating Personalized Wordlists with NLP For Password Guessing Attacks by re4lity

Simple Anti-RE Trick by re4lity

Code Execution via Fiber Local Storage by re4lity

Clickjacking DOM XSS on by re4lity

Monitoring the State of Internet Routing Security by re4lity

Intercepting traffic from Android Flutter applications by re4lity

Mautic Remote Code Execution by re4lity