SecWiki News 2019-08-10 Review

Case study: Searching for a vulnerability pattern in the Linux kernel by re4lity

AggressorScript-CreateCloneHiddenAccount by ch1ng

微信逆向分析相关研究技术文章收集 by ourren

Fuzz闭源的PDF阅读器 by ourren

Attacking SSL VPN - Part 2: Breaking the Fortigate SSL VPN by ourren

rdp-tunnel: Pre-compiled tools to tunnel TCP over RDP Connections by ourren

HTTPS劫持研究 by ourren

SURF路由器安全漏洞研究 by ourren

CobaltStrike插件开发官方指南 Part2 by ourren

CobaltStrike插件开发官方指南 Part1 by ourren