SecWiki News 2019-04-15 Review

数据分析与可视化:谁是安全圈的吃鸡第一人 by ourren

客串逆向工程,一瞬获悬镜WAF规则 by ourren

Go语言安全编码规范-翻译 by Blood_Zer0

阿里巴巴被发现了一个可以绕过waf的漏洞 by BaCde

Android Cloak and Dagger Attack by re4lity

Multiple Vulnerabilities + WAF bypass to Account Takeover by re4lity

Bypass XSS Protection with xmp, noscript, noframes.. etc.. by re4lity

CRYPTOPOKEMON: Simple C++ cryptolocker Blowfish CBC by re4lity

真真假假的创新 - RSAC2019之三 by ourren

Virgilio: Your new Mentor for Data Science E-Learning by ourren