SecWiki News 2019-03-12 Review

董祎铖:态势感知从入坑到重生 by ourren

验证码安全 by Blood_Zer0

Kubernetes安全入门 by re4lity

Attack Spring Boot Actuator via jolokia Part 1 by re4lity

Metinfo利用sql注入快速getshell by BaCde

Escalating SSRF to RCE by re4lity

Ramblings about MITRE ATT&CK, CarbonBlack Response, and Powershell by re4lity

XSS in Limited Input Formats by re4lity

CarHackingTools: Install and Configure Common Car Hacking Tools. by re4lity

Sysmon configuration and scripts by re4lity

Writing a Password Protected Reverse Shell (Linux/x64) by re4lity

StackStorm - From Originull to RCE - CVE-2019-9580 by re4lity

Android逆向之旅—最右App的签名算法解析(ARM指令学习喜欢篇) by re4lity

Inserting arbitrary files into Google Earth Projects Archives by re4lity

Stepper: A natural evolution of Burp Suite's Repeater tool by re4lity

NAVEX->Precise and Scalable Exploit Generation for Dynamic Web Applications by re4lity

.NET高级代码审计(第二课) Json.Net反序列化漏洞 by re4lity

软件供应链安全威胁:从“奥创纪元”到“无限战争” by re4lity