SecWiki News 2019-01-11 Review

2018 ML和NLP学术会议统计 by ourren

How I could have taken over any Pinterest account by re4lity

Digging Up the Past: Windows Registry Forensics Revisited by re4lity

woj-ciech/LeakLooker: Find open databases with Shodan by re4lity

A PoC for data smuggling using Scapy and ideas by re4lity

mkcert: valid HTTPS certificates for localhost by re4lity

dxa4481/XSSOauthPersistence: Maintaining account persistence via XSS and Oauth by re4lity

DNS Tunneling & Other Hunts w/ RockNSM (Bro & ELK) by re4lity

mattnotmax/cyber-chef-recipes: A list of cyber-chef recipes by re4lity

analysis-of-cyberattacks-against-the-national-bank-of-malawi by tolive

ThinkPHP 5.0再曝远程代码执行漏洞 by BaCde

如何黑掉一台ATM by BaCde

公链安全之比特币任意盗币漏洞浅析(CVE-2010-5141) by DVP漏洞平台